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Hard at work!

Decided I'd record myself recording my next audiobook. Enjoy!😁

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
C S Cooper@cscooper
January 27, 2021

Hey all! Here's my response to Storm.

C S Cooper@cscooper
January 20, 2021
First time at a shooting range

I found I'm not too bad for a marksman. 15/25 for my first visit. I at least now know how to use a shotgun. But there's always room for improvement.

C S Cooper@cscooper
January 08, 2021
Challenge from Lance

I ate 5g of Vegemite and he drank tequila and pickle juice

The Saga is complete

Finally, the sixth book is done and dusted!
Go and grab them at www.cscooper.com.au/books

Get the SIGNED at www.cscooper.com.au/shop

Do it!

It's almost done...

Book VI of the AXOM Saga, The Star Warriors, is being deployed. I haven't finished editing the audiobook yet. But the paperback and ebook are being processed.

Happy times!

In the meantime, enjoy the cover art.

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