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Been slowly building up my workout. Gotta keep this up 💪!!!!

Edit: those are sets of ten.
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More books on the way!
Hi all! The Awakening, Book 2 of the AXOM Saga, is available from my website.


Grab a signed copy!

Tokyo Middle-Schooler, Sakura Kinomoto, bought a book of tarot cards for her friend's fifteenth birthday. Before wrapping it, she took a look inside and was propelled into an adventure beyond her wildest dreams. Who'd have thought a series of viral videos would be the perfect front for a hunt for magical beings disguised as a deck of cards?
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More goodies!
The proof for The Awakening, Book 2 of the AXOM Saga, has arrived! Came out better than I had expected! Gotta check it for any errors and fixes. Them I put it up for distribution! Yay!

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More achievement!
Just finished recording Book 3 of the AXOM Saga, Path of a Hero. And I did it in record time! Four days! I recorded the whole book in just 4 days! 21 chapters! I am on a roll, my friends! Can't wait to have all these done and dusted and sold next month!!!

It's also really reminded me of how much I enjoyed writing these stories and the themes I'm exploring with them. You should really check them out. Book 1, The Starlight Lancer, is available on my website www.cscooper.com.au/shop along with my first book , Final Flight of the Ranegr.

The second book, The Awakening, will be available soon, just as soon as I have reviewed the print version.

It will be stupendous! Thanks everyone so much for your support!
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