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C S Cooper@cscooper
December 02, 2020
fathers, masculinity, and the Simpsons - Zelda3 Cube 9

I decided to put my latest let's play video here as well as Bitchute and YouTube.

Video description:
I'm playing a hacked version of Legend of Zelda, called Zelda Cube. As I play it, I record what I think about the game, or any thoughts I'm having at the time.

I wasn't going to do a video today, but had a thought and wanted to talk about it. I've already said I think fathers are really important, but so is #masculinity I bring up an episode of the Simpsons to try to demonstrate what I mean. At the same time, I get my butt kicked by this stupid dungeon.

Here's my channel on Bitchute:
And on YouTube:

Let me know what you think.

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Hard at work!

Decided I'd record myself recording my next audiobook. Enjoy!😁

C S Cooper@cscooper
January 27, 2021

Hey all! Here's my response to Storm.

C S Cooper@cscooper
January 20, 2021
First time at a shooting range

I found I'm not too bad for a marksman. 15/25 for my first visit. I at least now know how to use a shotgun. But there's always room for improvement.

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